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You've got a gift for listening. I always found it easy to share with you. And honestly, some guys just need to talk to someone. Gives them options of opening up and being intimate without the need for physical contact.

During my time with Shannon, I found the most enjoyable part was not so much the more intimate moments but the soothing and comforting time spent simply allowing myself to be vulnerable. She is blessed with a very calming aura and in just the first 30 minutes she showed herself to be kind and patient and it made it that much easier to open myself up to her.

You will be stunned by her beauty and grace but more than that you'll find that the wisdom and compassion she holds will shine brightness. Whether you need sound advice, inspiring reassurance or to be held warmly and lovingly whilst crying on her shoulder, Shannon Sweet is a lady who cannot be recommended highly enough.

I've had the pleasure of seeing Shannon a few times. The visits themselves were of an intimate nature; however, Shannon and I were able to connect on a more personal level. I've read recently that she's expanding services to include "Talk Sessions." For those looking for intimacy of a different nature, she's perfectly suited to offer her ear. She's proven herself to be kind, compassionate and professional. I've never known her to be judgemental and have found her insights to be thought provoking and extremely helpful. Though it's nice to feel the soft, intimate touch of her skin against yours, I've found that she has gifts that far exceed the sum of all her parts.

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