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Are you open to the possibility of more exclusive ongoing arrangements?​
Yes, I am open to discussing the possibility of more exclusive ongoing arrangements. 

If we’ve met a few times and have established our mutual chemistry, and you’re interested in making me more yours, then I am open to discussing a partially or fully exclusive arrangement.


Do you have any online options?

Would you like to meet online? Here are the links to different platforms and mediums that I am available


Do you travel?
I most definitely would consider travel with those that I have already established  relationships with. I have valid Canadian Passport and I make a fun, interesting travel companion.

Do you provide references?
Yes, I am reference friendly! Security and privacy is of the utmost importance to me, so I do request that you notify me before using me as a reference to expedite the process.


I am looking for something a bit different. What do you offer?

I happen to be a certified Bondassage & Elysium Practitioner. A wonderful, boundaried sensory experience. Learn more about this offering here.

Do you party or permit video recordings or photos?


A brief word about boundaries....
For you: It can be anything you so desire, as long as the activities are within my boundaries. Please share with me what it is you are looking for! Don't be shy, I am non-judgmental, curious and have a strong desire to assist in making your experience most memorable.

My boundaries may change by partner and by day. I do remain open to discussion. As stated, my menu is extensive, just safe. 


Discretion, confidentiality & non-disclosure agreements
The time we spend together, what we discuss and what we do is absolutely treated with the highest regard and discretion as I make the assumption you would treat me with the same respect.  Non-disclosure agreements are completely acceptable. 

Cancellations & changes
I am absolutely open to working with your schedule. As much advance notice as possible for a cancellation or change is very much appreciated.

Do you enjoy what you do?
I truly love spending time with people from all walks of life, near and far. Treasure the friendships and make many more along the way.

What services do you provide?
My menu is extensive & inclusive, just safe. Please do not ever ask me to negotiate on safe. You are purchasing a experience, not just a service and I will do my best to ensure that your time is exactly how it should be: perfect. 

Anything that may or may not occur is strictly a matter of choice between two adults.

Do you have reviews?
I have several reviews, and reviewers have been particularly complimentary. (Thank you!)  Please find links to these review sites on my links page.

What if I decide to extend our appointment?
So long as my schedule permits I would love to extend our time together - please remember to bring additional donations with you if you anticipate an extension. The sooner you let me know the better as to not interrupt our time together.

May I call you?
Discreet email is preferred. Phone calls & texting can be difficult to answer when privacy is limited


Do you do doubles?
Absolutely! I have a few select friends that I can bring along if you so desire.

Do you see couples?
I love seeing couples! Meeting a couple is an experience that tends to involve a bit more communication prior to our meeting to make sure I fully understand exactly what the two of you desire. Communicating with both parties is crucial to please everyone. 


Do you accept gifts or tips?
Gifts are thoughtful expressions of affection. Tips are graciously accepted, however not expected.


(Psst....LUSH & Amazon gift cards are always a hit!)

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