"You've got a gift for listening. I always found it easy to share with you. And honestly, some guys just need to talk to someone . Gives them options of opening up and being intimate without the need for physical contact."
C.C. 2017

"During my time with Shannon, I found that the most enjoyable part was not so much the more intimate moments but the soothing and comforting time spent simply allowing myself to be vulnerable. She is blessed with a very calming aura and in just the first 30 minutes she showed herself to be kind and patient made it that much easier to open myself to her.

You will be stunned by her beauty and grace but more than that you’ll find that the wisdom and compassion she holds will shine brightest. Whether you need sound advice, inspiring reassurance or to be held warmly and lovingly whilst crying on her shoulder, Shannon Sweet is a lady who cannot be recommended highly enough."
Y.S. 2017

"I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Shannon a few times. The visits themselves were of an intimate nature; however, Shannon and I were able to connect on a more personal level. I’ve read recently that she’s expanding her services to include “talk sessions”. For those looking for intimacy of a different nature, she’s perfectly suited to offer her ear. She’s proven herself to be a kind, compassionate and professional. I’ve never known her to be judgemental and have found her insights to be thought provoking and extremely helpful. Though its nice to feel the soft, intimate touch of her skin against yours I’ve found that she has gifts that far exceeded the sum of all of her parts."

C.C. 2017

Reflections of Bondassage by a non-CAF member – By J.

I have been reading a lot about BDSM and always wondered what it would mean to surrender total control (within a responsible consensual agreement)! But the fear of the unknown resulted in that thought remaining a dream!

Then I came across this new technique called Bondassage which is a crossover of bondage/sensory deprivation and sensual massage. Administered by a certified professional it promised the best of both worlds. The sensuality of the massage and surrender of control to another as in bondage.

I scouted around for a provider who seemed credible and trustworthy. I came to know that Ms S, whom I had met previously in another setting was offering Bondassage sessions beginning January 2019. I remember reading a description of her elsewhere and cannot find better words to describe her, hence I am paraphrasing from that description:

“S is pure Womanity, inside and out, with a head turning tall hourglass figure and long, naturally red hair. Her intelligence and wit will charm and enchant you, She will drag you in like a force of nature, pushing limits and testing new fantasies”

Setting up the appointment was easy and over an exchange of emails she quickly addressed my concerns and fears assuring me that Bondassage is not about pain, but about sensuality, being in the moment and feeling every touch. Every action she delivers, she assured me, is delivered within the boundaries we set at the beginning.

Despite that there were butterflies in my stomach in the days and minutes leading up to our agreed upon session. Locating her downtown private condominium was easy and she led me into her abode which was tastefully decorated, lit in candles/incense, and had a massage table and a side table on which a leather collar and cuffs were neatly laid out.

We had a quick chat discussing boundaries and any physical limitations. She answered all my questions. Such is her disarming demeanor that I lost all my nervousness. She reassured me that she would continue to check in with me right through the session.

When I returned from the shower, she unwrapped my towel- giving me an instant sense of nakedness and vulnerability!. She locked eyes with me and connected with my body and soul using a tantric ritual of energy synchronization. She then put on the collar, the cuffs on wrists and ankles, the blindfold and let me to the massage table. After laying me on my stomach she put on the headphones and started the specially selected sensual music. She also secured my wrist and ankle cuffs to the legs of the massage table immobilizing me! 

After that for the next 75-90 minutes all I could feel were the sensations that she chose to administer. When she took me to that space - of grace, comfort and surrender – I was surprised at how incredible it can be to be held in such a delicious, vulnerable space.

My attention was drawn in to her touch, my body opened, and I had a juicy, sensual encounter.  On a personal level, I had a delightful indulgence, a gift to myself that I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

After my session, I feel sexier, more confident, and more alive. The session has given me insights into my own feelings and sensations.  I don’t anymore feel the same urge as before to release for the sake of a release! 

We all need touch and intimacy in our lives. These experiences make us feel more alive and vital, they brighten our world and make us healthier, in mind, body, and soul.  Each of us needs an opportunity to indulge ourselves, to surrender control and drop into our bodies, into the pleasure of the moment.

S offered me a truly wonderful experience, and it is one that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone that wishes to explore themselves, their intimacy and capacity for connection.  

J. 2019


Bondassage Experience Review

Thanks again so much for yesterday.  It was an honour to be among the first to experience your Bondassage service.

When I arrived I had no idea what I was getting into other than I was going to be tied up and massaged.  I was okay with that uncertainty though because I trust you and because as we spoke of this I became aware of how committed you were to learning about this art.

Being tied up isn’t a new thing for me but being bound, blindfolded and then having headphones put on so I couldn’t hear anything was something altogether different. The only real sense I had as I lay on that table was your touch.  I found that really heightened the sensation of every touch.  And those sensations varied so widely, from the light gentle and soft touch of whatever it was you ran over my body to the rougher - yet always within the boundaries I’d set out in advance - massage with the exfoliating gloves.

 I was so incredibly turned on not having any idea what you were doing next or being able to hear or see what was coming.  Anticipation is incredibly erotic.  

 I’ve never had a massage, or really any experience, like the Bondassage experience I had with you.  It was erotic, intense, relaxing, sexual and weirdly, even more than a bit spiritual.  I didnt want my time to end.

What a wonderful experience. I will remember my time with you for a long while. Thank you.

M. 2019